Beauty and the Beast!!

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Beauty and the Beast!!

What is Echinacea?

Now, and then there are outbreaks of epidemics of new strains of bacteria and viruses. How do you think we can prepare our bodies to fight these unwelcome pathogens?

We can add nature as the 8th wonder to the list of “Seven Wonders of the world”. Of course, it’s an understatement to juxtapose God’s creation with the man-made wonders. But there are no words to express the gratitude we owe to it.

We all agree that out of all the things that nature has to offer us, the most beneficial to humans are its medicinal and healing properties. Some shrubs, herbs, barks, roots,
leaves, and fruits have extensive medicinal properties. It’s overwhelming to come across something in nature that is extremely beautiful and is also therapeutic.

We often think that daisies only stand for beauty and are just ornamental. It is quite astonishing to know that they have incredible healing properties. Echinacea is a type of a Daisy and one of the ten coneflowers which have been a popular herbal remedy for centuries.

This herb is drought resistant and is native to the United States and Canada. These plants were used extensively by the Indian Tribe of North America in treatments for various infectious diseases and wounds!! The modern settlers, after conducting scientific research began using it in various pharma formulations. Echinacea was listed in U.S National
Formulary. The latest studies show that Echinacea is more effective against some bacteria than the antibiotics themselves.

The therapeutic uses of Echinacea are beyond our imagination. It’s used in the
treatment of common cold, anxiety, inflammation, and certain skin diseases.
One significant application of Echinacea is a powerful immunity booster.


Strong Immune System

As a part of our daily routine, we travel to different places through different mediums and meet various people. We shop, have food and drinks in crowded areas. In this globalized world, diseases spread across the continents within minutes. So more than ever, it has now become unavoidable to strengthen our immune system.

A healthy diet, regular exercise, limiting smoking, and drinking will help to boost our immune system. Some foods and supplements will prepare the body to detect and destroy the new pathogens attacking it. Echinacea is one of these.


Echinacea and Immunity

Echinacea is proven to treat common colds and flu, mainly by immune stimulation. Its immunostimulant properties are used for the prevention and treatment of upper respiratory tract infections. With the rise in epidemics of new pathogens, strengthening our immune system is necessary. The active constituents of Echinacea may strengthen or stimulate the immune response as soon as they meet with the foreign invaders, by interacting with various cells of the immune system.

Echinacea and SARS-Cov-2 Coronavirus

Virologists and Microbiologists are studying if Echinacea can build body immunity against the Corona Virus. Some past studies have demonstrated antiviral properties against certain non-zoonotic coronaviruses, by isolated phytochemicals from Echinacea. More can be read about these studies and how the preventive care industry in the western world is running short of the Echinacea based derivatives due to high demand.

 TruRadix’s Immune Booster Strips contain extracts from the Echinacea flower and plant. They strengthen and prepare our immune system to detect and neutralize foreign invaders.

So, Hope enjoyed the story of how this beauty overpowers the beast!!