Why Truradix?

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You might be wondering why and how we are different from other nutritional supplements in the market. All our products are unique from the raw material stage. We extract these raw materials from exotic locations across the globe directly from the vendors to get the real value from the ingredients. With the help of knowledge from ancient methodologies, these ingredients are curated into products with the best use of advanced sciences

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    Ancient Methodologies

    With the heritage of medicine from nature, we have formulated our products with 100% authenticity to keep them fully natural as approved by scientific experts

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    Comprehensive Research

    Years of research has been done before formulating the products by a reputed and qualified team of experts by collaborating across the globe for the best results

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    Quality Checks

    Rigorous testing is done at multiple stages of production by our QC team to ensure the products meet the regulatory standards from the raw material stage

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    Sourced from nature

    We have curated natural raw materials with utmost care and perfection to keep them as true as nature with the best use of advanced sciences

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Every product of ours has been curated after years of research to promote your health and wellness. Each product has its own benefits on specific vital organs of your body. We have sorted the products based on health benefits for you to choose based on your requirement

Certified and guaranteed for safety

The most effective form of dosage

Get healthier Strip by Strip

Being able to precisely control the amount of dosage in every strip and ensure quick yet effective dosage by delivering the nutrients directly into your bloodstream is one of the key benefits of Truradix Oral Dissolve Strips. With the help of advanced nano-sciences, the true essence and nutritional values of the ingredients are translated into the product directly which makes them highly bioavailable compared to the other forms of dosage

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