Let the Sun Shine –Vitamin D3 & Bone health!

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Let the Sun Shine –Vitamin D3 & Bone health!

Ignoring bone health and not taking measures to keep bones strong may lead to irreversible impairments of joints and bone structure.

Age is just a number. Rightly said!! It’s a very positive statement. But, what I mean here is that sadly today, irrespective of age, we are falling prey to many health issues. One such ailment is bone-related disorders. I have a close friend who was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 15 !! Are we not witnessing too many cases of knee replacement surgeries? Many, regardless of gender, who have crossed their 30s are being diagnosed with low bone density.

We seldom pay attention to our bone health. We don’t realize the wear and tear our bones go through supporting our entire body. What starts as a small hunch will lead to alteration of the total bone structure !!! Scary isn’t it !!!

What are the functions of our bones?

  • The Store and supply of calcium to all the cells and organs of the body.
  • They support and muscle attachments, allowing us to move and use our limbs, trunk, and head.
  • They Enclose and protect our vital organs.
  • They provide space for bone marrow.